With a 150-year history of helping people learn to swim, the Y’s swimming classes are designed to teach this lifelong skill to people of all ages and skill levels in a safe environment. 

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Summer programs and swim lessons begin June 5. Register by May 30 and save. **Swim Lesson Registration begins May 1st for the Summer Session.**

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Accelerated Lessons

Tuesday and Thursday Mornings

June 6—June 29
July 11—August 1

1 Evening a Week for 7 Weeks
June 5—July 29

Swim Levels In Order:

Rec Pool (30 minutes)
Guppy-Minnow-Fish-Flying Fish
Lap Pool (40 minutes)


--June 6—June 29 **Does not meet June 13**
- July 11—August 1

Tuesday and Thursday Mornings:

9:00-9:30am –Pike, Eel, Ray
9:35-10:05am –Pike, Eel, Starfish
10:10-10:40am -Pike, Ray,
10:10-10:50am -Fish/Flying Fish
10:45-11:15am –Pike, Eel
10:55-11:35 –Guppy/Minnow


June 5-July 29


4:00-4:30pm –Pike, Ray
4:35-5:05pm –Pike, Eel
4:35-5:15pm –Guppy, Minnow
5:10-5:40pm –Eel, Ray
5:20-5:50pm –Starfish
5:45-6:15pm –Pike, Eel
5:55-6:35pm –Guppy/Minnow
6:20-6:50pm -Eel, Ray
6:40-7:10pm –Fish/Flying Fish


4:00-4:30pm –Pike, Ray
4:00-4:40pm –Guppy/Minnow
4:35-5:05pm –Pike, Eel
4:45-5:15pm –Starfish
5:10-5:40pm –Eel, Ray
5:20-6:00pm –Guppy/Minnow
5:45-6:15pm –Parent Tot, Pike, Eel
6:20-6:50pm –Pike, Eel


4:00-4:30pm –Pike, Eel, Starfish
4:35-5:05pm – Pike, Ray
4:35-5:15pm –Guppy/Minnow
5:10-5:40pm –Pike, Eel
5:20-6:00pm –Guppy/Minnow
5:45-6:15pm –Parent/Tot, Pike
6:20-6:50pm-Eel, Starfish


**NEW** Y Swim Crew

This is an introductory swim team program. Swimmers will learn technique fundamentals of each stroke as well as: Starts, turns, finishes and experience a workout set. It’s a great opportunity to get your “feet wet” and see if your swimmer would enjoy being on a Swim Team. Participants must be at a Minnow or above swim level.



Tuesdays and Wednesdays 6:00-7:00pm



1 Day Only—$30 member/$50 non-member

Tuesdays and Wednesdays —$55 member/$90 non-member






Learn to swim with group lessons

Parent and Child

Ages: One to three years. Introduction to water with parents in the pool with children


Ages: Three and up. Focus on water adjustment, advancing skills and stroke development


Ages: 18 years and up. Focus on water adjustment, stroke development or technique

Thirty-minute private swimming lessons can be scheduled one-on-one , with a buddy or sibling and are customized to best meet your needs.

  • Ages: All

  • Packages: Available in one-, three- or seven-lesson packages

Prepare for Swim Lessons

Get tips for what to expect, what to wear and what to bring to swimming classes

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