With a 150-year history of helping people learn to swim, the Y’s swimming classes are designed to teach this lifelong skill to people of all ages and skill levels in a safe environment. 

Upcoming Session

The next session for programs and swim lessons begins the week of September 11th. Registration Begins August 7th. 

Current Youth Program Flyer


Accelerated Lessons

Tuesday and Thursday Mornings

June 6—June 29
July 11—August 1

1 Evening a Week for 7 Weeks
June 5—July 29

Swim Levels In Order:

Rec Pool (30 minutes)
Guppy-Minnow-Fish-Flying Fish
Lap Pool (40 minutes)


--June 6—June 29 **Does not meet June 13**
- July 11—August 1

Tuesday and Thursday Mornings:

9:00-9:30am –Pike, Eel, Ray
9:35-10:05am –Pike, Eel, Starfish
10:10-10:40am -Pike, Ray,
10:10-10:50am -Fish/Flying Fish
10:45-11:15am –Pike, Eel
10:55-11:35 –Guppy/Minnow


June 5-July 29


4:00-4:30pm –Pike, Ray
4:35-5:05pm –Pike, Eel
4:35-5:15pm –Guppy, Minnow
5:10-5:40pm –Eel, Ray
5:20-5:50pm –Starfish
5:45-6:15pm –Pike, Eel
5:55-6:35pm –Guppy/Minnow
6:20-6:50pm -Eel, Ray
6:40-7:10pm –Fish/Flying Fish


4:00-4:30pm –Pike, Ray
4:00-4:40pm –Guppy/Minnow
4:35-5:05pm –Pike, Eel
4:45-5:15pm –Starfish
5:10-5:40pm –Eel, Ray
5:20-6:00pm –Guppy/Minnow
5:45-6:15pm –Parent Tot, Pike, Eel
6:20-6:50pm –Pike, Eel


4:00-4:30pm –Pike, Eel, Starfish
4:35-5:05pm – Pike, Ray
4:35-5:15pm –Guppy/Minnow
5:10-5:40pm –Pike, Eel
5:20-6:00pm –Guppy/Minnow
5:45-6:15pm –Parent/Tot, Pike
6:20-6:50pm-Eel, Starfish


**NEW** Y Swim Crew

This is an introductory swim team program. Swimmers will learn technique fundamentals of each stroke as well as: Starts, turns, finishes and experience a workout set. It’s a great opportunity to get your “feet wet” and see if your swimmer would enjoy being on a Swim Team. Participants must be at a Minnow or above swim level.



Tuesdays and Wednesdays 6:00-7:00pm



1 Day Only—$30 member/$50 non-member

Tuesdays and Wednesdays —$55 member/$90 non-member






Learn to swim with group lessons

Parent and Child

Ages: One to three years. Introduction to water with parents in the pool with children


Ages: Three and up. Focus on water adjustment, advancing skills and stroke development


Ages: 18 years and up. Focus on water adjustment, stroke development or technique

Thirty-minute private swimming lessons can be scheduled one-on-one , with a buddy or sibling and are customized to best meet your needs.

  • Ages: All

  • Packages: Available in one-, three- or seven-lesson packages

Prepare for Swim Lessons

Get tips for what to expect, what to wear and what to bring to swimming classes

See the annual session calendar